Welcome to your One Stop Car Wash Shop!

Over 50 Years of combined Experience at your fingertips!

We are the premier car wash service company in the State of Florida. Our areas of expertise include;

  • site selection and design,
  • equipment layout,
  • construction, installation and startup
  • site management,
  • repair & preventitive maintenance,
  • chemistry, and
  • training.

We offer stand alone and combined service and chemical plans to meet the varying needs of owners with different levels of sophistication and service.

We are the exclusive distributor for Motor City Wash Works in the state of Florida and install all of their top notch equipment in car washes throughout the Sunshine State. In addition, we are integrators of equipment and provide service on a variety of car wash tunnel equipment, controllers, Point of Sale, vacuums, water treatment systems, and more. 

Since 2007, our company has grown with the founding principal to "do the right thing for the owner" .  Originally starting with just two full-time technicians,  and expanded in 2019 to include 11 full-time technicians.  

Contact us to learn more about our car wash equipment installation and maintenance services. 




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