WARNING: If you don't schedule time for maintenance,

your equipment will schedule it for you on Saturday.

Service Man

Service and Maintenance

We provide maintenance service to extend the life of your equipment, repair any current issues, and prevent problems from occuring.

Site Evaluation

We provide you with a complete site evaluation followed by a proposal to correct any current or future issues. The idea is to keep you running consistenly, without having to shut you down for repair.

Repair Service

When things go down, we are here to start you back up. Our technicians can repair most of the common car wash brand equipment & we have the resources for all required parts. 

Preventative Maintenance

Always remember when you take care of your Wash, your wash will take care of you; much like the vehicles that pass through every day. We maintain more than just your tunnel equipment. We also service your vacuum system, your POS, and your support equipment.

Chemical Service

Chemistry is Key! Without proper chemical application you are guaranteed a dirty car.

We check for timing, chemical show & coverage, proper dilutions, injectors, metering tips, poly flow & tubing, chemical units, and applicator sanitation.

Also, we can provide a cost per car analysis.