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PreSoak to Drying Agent and every application in between. We offer a full line of chemicals from ZEP Vehicle Care.

Quality products, exceptional prices, and over 50 years of combined experience allow us to provide you with the best chemical service available.

ZEP is one of the leading chemical providers in the Car Wash Industry. We are proud to be a Florida Distributor.


BRANDING for Success!

Even your average customer knows these well-advertised names. Customers are more likely to frequent a wash that uses products that they are familiar with. It doesn't hurt that these are the best quality chemicals in addition to being the most well-known names out there.


Armor All®: Armor All car wash chemicals and other products offer exceptional protection to keep your customer’s vehicles looking like new for as long as possible. Whether your drivers are cleaning the inside or outside of their car, there are options for them; contact us to explore the available products.


Rain-X®: The elements can not only deal damage to vehicles’ exteriors but also create unsafe driving conditions. Rain-X products can help your customers maintain their automobile’s looks and stay safe on the road. Talk to us to learn more about what we offer from this nationally renowned brand.


Blue Coral®: For nearly a century, Blue Coral has been a trusted name for car wash products and personal auto care products. You and the drivers at your location can rely on their brand to deliver beautiful results every time while also providing lasting protection for the vehicle’s exterior.


Black Magic®: While they’re best known for their top-selling tire shine product, the Black Magic line includes a diverse array of cleaners for maintaining a stunning vehicle. To learn more about the various solutions available for your car wash from this exceptional brand, contact our team today; we have all the answers you need.